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About Master Ashep

Completely Free


Written By Celeste Morgan

In our modern times, it is unlikely to be able to know your neighbors intimately.We leave our places of employment and lock ourselves safely inside our four walls called home with our cell phones, computers, and our remote controls. After all, who really borrows from their next door neighbor these days? And better yet, how likely is it that we know our next door neighbor’s name? Fortunately for me, I live near Master Ashep, one of the co-founders of C.H.I. (The Collective Health Initiative). It’s a Washington DC-based initiative where practitioners live, work and educate about health practices more conducive to living indigenously. 

While I enjoy my frequent conversations with Master Ashep, I was on the mission to get water. I knock on the door and hear a robust, “Yup!”. He never says come in. Just a “Yup!” and on this day, he was rocking the colors red and white. Now, red and white are the colors of Heru for those with more Kemetic leanings. In Yoruba, red and white are the colors of Shango. I smile to myself and laughed quietly for the brother was in his tee shirt and boxer shorts. I consider how free he is to receive me as a guest no matter his attire. Anybody else would have told me to wait a minute to allow them time to throw something on. But we are not talking about anyone else. We are talking about Master Ashep in the comfort of his own home, the H.O.E. (House Of Enchantment) House, as he so eloquently calls it.

He is the inventor of B.O.L.T. (The Breath of Life Training) and whether fully dressed or not, this brother has become a master of his own life by creating a system that works uniquely for him and any student willing to embark on this practice.

I greet him and his companion with a “Hello, Beautiful People!”. He returns a greeting of “Heaven High”. His emotional temperature is usually of the middle way, but he had extra flavor that day. His vibration matched the energy of RA, but there was something more happening in the space. When I first met Ashep, he introduced himself as a “Intergalactic Spokesbeing SoL Healer.” Of course, I didn’t know what that meant with my limited understanding. Then, he grew further into a “Kemetic Metaphysical Warrior Priest.” Labels are not the point. The point is his ability to bend and flow in a time where people must expand to capture the true intentions of our ancestors.

We often speak of being multi-dimensional beings, but multi-dimensional did not feel like the right word for the occasion on this day. Being around Ashep in that moment felt like attending a movie with “Surround Sound” to me and just like that – he preached a sermon I would not soon forget. You don’t need a license to speak from the God within you. You don’t need a license to use your divine gift as a medium and a channel.

He stepped back and inhaled some air and took my ideology of surround sound to new heights as he pointed to his companion, “I’m tuned into her.” He looks at me and remarks, “I’m tuned into you. This is how I use my mediumship to stay tuned in and broadcast with surround hearing, surround third eye, and surround vision. I am aware of what is within me and what is without me. It’s the Big O, baby! Selah, Motherfucker.” Then that joker smiled with such a radiance I had to look at him and see who was talking for the brother shape shifted right before my eyes.

After I clutched my imaginary pearls, I said, “I know you didn’t just preach a five minute sermon in your underwear!”  And he did!  I told him I was going to steal everything he said. He assured me I didn’t have to steal it. It was a gift. C.H.I. (Collective Health initiative , baby!) Ain’t no way to experience real healing unless you can bring all of you to the table. I’m not promising everyone will get that kind of performance from Master Ashep, but when he shows up you better believe he is going to show up completely free.

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