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Providing Metaphysical Tools & Services for Optimal Health

Welcome to Sons of Light Healing, better known as SOL [pronounced Soul] Healing.  Our purpose is to assist with naturally restoring peace, harmony, and balance to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  This balance is necessary if we desire to experience fully our Divine Nature.

In our most peaceful state, we are more aware of the communication from our bodies, the universe, and the infinite intelligence dwelling within.  We also experience a deep feeling of unconditional love for others as we become more aware of our Divine Connection... Self Realized


Our goal, mission, and purpose is to assist individuals on their journey to Self-Realization!!!

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House of Enchantment

5137 Astor Place, Southeast, unit #1 Washington, DC 20019  |  Tel: 1-202-505-8339

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